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Broker of Record
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With over 36,000+ buyers in our database, we may already have a buyer for your home!

~ Masoud Badre, Broker of Record

Your home sold at a price acceptable to you guarantee or we'll buy it.*

Selling your home for cash can be a worry-free process with the help of our Guaranteed Sale Program! Our strong network of buyers ensures that you have plentiful options to make sure you secure your desired price. Plus, we’ll guarantee the sale before taking possession of any new properties – if it doesn’t sell, we’ll buy it from you at an agreed-upon cost – giving you peace of mind in all aspects.

Get more cash for you home

Selling a home for cash may sound like it means having the exact amount of money ready to pay in full, but that’s not entirely accurate. In reality, what this usually indicates is that the buyer has secured enough funds and financing – such as a mortgage – to purchase your property outright.

Masoud’s Guarantee 

Selling your house for cash can be a great way to save time and money. No agent fees, no hidden costs, fast closings – the list of advantages is long! Avoid dealing with showings or inspections; forego drawn-out negotiations over price; bypass potentially lengthy mortgage approval processes – all these potential roadblocks are avoided when you opt for cashing out on your home sale.

When buying a home with cash, there’s no need to involve third-party lenders – meaning appraisals are unnecessary as the value of the house has already been established.

When you’re ready to sell your home, expertly arranging a mortgage can be the difference between success and delay. But if you opt out of securing one, expect an expedited closing process from start to finish!

Cash buyers prove an attractive, low risk option for sellers. With their ability to provide proof of funds, this eliminates the worry associated with offers from traditional financing sources. Sellers can rest assured that the deal will go through without a hitch!

If a home is sold for cash, the arduous process of staging and repairs can be completely avoided. This can make selling one’s house an effortless task that circumvents the usual stress associated with doing so in a traditional manner. Cash-based sales may be ideal for those looking to expedite their transaction without worrying about details!

Cash offers are the quickest way to close a deal. By avoiding negotiations, you can quickly move onto the next chapter of your life with minimal hassle and time-consuming back-and-forth conversations.

Take the first step today and entrust Masoud with your Ottawa real estate needs. From buying to selling, you can count on him delivering an exceptional experience tailored to exceed expectations!

*Masoud Badre and the seller must reach a consensus on pricing to ensure an effective transaction.